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Children are both rational and intuitive and learn from experiences. At KLA we provide modern facilitie to help provide an environment that stimulates children to learn through play.Each child’s uniqueness should be cherished with their curiousity creating their own learning. We have a range of education programs developed to help prepare children for Kindergarten.
Our Preschool Program creates a stimulating environment that caters to the early learning needs of children before they embark on their journey to kindergarten. Our program is based on The Early Years Learning Framework. This is a National Curriculum which covers all developmental areas.

Our Childcare Centres Are Fully Accredited & Offer the National Curriculum

The program provides a valuable head start for children and ensures they enter primary school with the necessary skills to excel. In short, preschool children should learn by engaging in activities that are real and meaningful to them, experiences that encourage the development of skills, knowledge, ways of thinking and learning. Kids Learning Academy teaches the early skills for literacy, science and mathematics development in an environment that encourages learning through social relationships and active learning experiences.

We provide a program that enriches children through language and literature, such story books, resource books and educational challenges. Children are encouraged to write in various ways such as writing their names on their art work, writing sheets and practicing on white boards. Story time provides an opportunity for the children to analyse the pictures of the story and make up the appropriate words. This is a stimulating experience that allows children to understand that words create meaning, and builds confidence and imagination.

Confidence in early childhood builds their continual success at school and beyond. Opportunities are given to children to stand in front of their peers and teachers in role plays and events such as our annual graduation party. We encourage parents to be involved in our programs or just come and be part of our events. Please ask our educators for a calendar of events.

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