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Busby Child Care Centre

KLA Busby is situated within walking distance to Busby Primary School, Heckenberg Primary School & Busby West Public School

As a family-owned and operated child care centre we ensure a loving and caring environment for your children. KLA busby is a leading child care centre in Busby and Heckenberg that has been providing quality child care and education for children from 6 weeks to 6 years of age.

Our Busby centre is fully accredited and is the benchmark child care facility within the region.

Our experienced team of educators help to create the best future for your child. Our centre provides the national early learning framework and play-based learning. Our aim is to give all our children the best possible start in life.

KLA centres do more than just teach numbers, letters and painting to the kids but also promote respect, values & healthy eating amongst our children. We also continually provide personal development to our educators to allow them the experience and knowledge.

It’s our experience and quality of our facilities that have crowned us as preferred care providers Busby. We ensure that your child and family receive the attention that is second to none.

Our centre’s Facilities are modern and include traditional and computer-based learning to aid in your child’s development.

Busby Childcare Centre offers the following to families in our community:

  • Purpose built premises
  • Focus on age-appropriate education for all children
  • School Readiness focus
  • Nurturing child development
  • All meals provided
  • Children learn through play
  • Dedicated and qualified staff
  • Catering from ages 6 weeks – 6 years
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Busby Child Care

  • 73 St Johns Rd Busby NSW 2168

Phone: (02) 9608 6066
Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 07:00 to 18:00

Calendar of Events for Busby Child care

australia day at Child care Centre KLA


– New Year’s Day Holiday
– Australian Awareness Week
– Australia Day Party
– Wet ‘ n ‘ Wild Week

valentines day at Child care Centre KLA


- Chinese New Year
- Valentine’s Day
- Parents Orientation Meeting & Preparing Schoolies Children for Smooth Transition to Big School Meeting - Eye Vision Test

australia clean up day at Child care Centre KLA


- Australian Cleaning Day
- St. Patrick’s Day ( $1 Donation)
- Easter Party & Hat Parade
- Fashion Week

fire visit at Child care Centre KLA


- Crazy Hair Week
- Anzac Awareness Week
- Fire Brigade Visit
- Pyjama Week

mothers day  at Child care Centre KLA


– Mother’s Day Morning Tea
– Living Eggs Project
– Ambulance Visit

red nose day  at Child care Centre KLA


– Sausage + Disco Party
– Life Education Program
– Library Visit
– Parent/Teacher Night
– Golden Ridge Animal Farm

Grandparents day at Child care Centre


– Grand Parents Day Afternoon Tea
– Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander NADOC –Awareness Week
– Eid Feast

Kids Learning Academy -Pyjama day at Child care centre


– Pets Week
– School Photos
– Pyjama Week
– Australia Red Nose Day

Kids Learning Academy Fathers Day at Child care Centre


– Father’s Day Afternoon Tea
– National Child Protection Week
– Police Visit
– Reptile Show
– International Day of Peace

Kids Learning Academy Halloween at Child care centre


– Sausage Sizzle & Disco Party
– Parent/Teacher Night
– Halloween Party
– Eye Vision Test

Day Care Plumpton


– Melbourne Cap Day
– Crazy Hair Week

Child Care St Clair, Busby & Plumpton


– Christmas & Graduation Party
– Wet ‘ n ‘ Wild Day

Please Note some of these events are just supporting ideas for intentional teaching, however Our Curriculum is based on our children interests and family inputs. We hope this Calendar of events helps Families to organise their time off work for families who wish to participate in as we always many parents loved these celebrations in our previous years here at KLA

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